5 step-framework to get 80% open rate: Amanda Natividad

Amanda Natividad used to work with marketing teams in GrowthMachine and the Fitbit. Currently she is a VP of Marketing at SparkToro. Amanda also has a fantastic YouTune show that covers everything on marketing
Throughout the years, Amanda has crafted a cold email outreach technique that yields 80% open rate and 20% response rate. To cold (!!!) emails. That's a framework that has proven efficient multiple times for Amanda: 1) Start your list with cluster sources. Creating an outreach list from scratch is often the hardest part. Start with cluster sources, and you’ll move a lot faster. What's a cluster source? — Industry roundups and lists (Think “Forbes 40 Under 40” and beyond); — Curation sites: Job boards and websites like Product Hunt and Angel List; — Communities (use The Hive Index to find the ones that you need); — Social media accounts (if you know who is an influencer in the community you target, what account people trust the most, just go through their followers' list) — If you can, run a search using audience intelligence tools (like SparkToro or BuzzSumo, or GummySearch if you're dealing with Reddit audiences) and discover what accounts do you need to reach out to using filter by websites they visit, keyword they use in their profile or an influencer they follow. In SparkToro and BuzzSumo you can get access to publicly available email addresses of these accounts as well. 2) Prioritize and cut down your list. You don't need to obtain emails of all 2K accounts that you probably got on your list by now. Start with 20. Choose the ones from the industry you know better than others, the ones that seem more promising, the ones that have the highest engagement on social media (means, they are active users and actually check out their DM and emails). 3) Check yourself. Unexpected step skipped by most. Just Google yourself. Look at the top results. Don't see anything? Google your company. See what a person who will get your email will see when they go to Google and tap in your name and/or your brand name. Is it something trustworthy? Is it clear who you are and what you're doing? If not really, fix your social media profiles to match what you're trying to deliver in your email. 4) Consider the idea that the best cold outreach is actually warm outreach. Can you actually first contact these people unofficially? On social media, for instance? Can you follow them and interact with their content for at least a week to become noticed? No need to stress that interaction should be friendly and respectful. 5) Finally, go ahead and shoot your shot. Be sure your cold message addresses these questions: a) What is your product, service, or expertise? b) What are you requesting? c) Why you and not someone else? d) Why them and not someone else? Here's an example of a good impersonal email that Amanda has received recently.
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