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In December 2021 TweetHunter — a service that allows to create better tweets with higher viral potential — announced a partnership with another Twitter-based service Black Magic
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— Tony reached out to us, and we thought the idea was cool. — explains Tom Jacquesson, a co-founder of TweetHunter. — We like what he’s doing and he liked what we were doing, and the products are complementary. The work on the integration lasted for 3 weeks. There’s no revenue split in this partnership: just good old-fashioned traffic exchange. “There is no official agreement— says Tom. — We believe in being quick on our feet. If this turns out to be a very big strategic thing, maybe we’ll think of doing something in writing, but right now it’s more like a «handshake deal».
The important thing in every partnership is to establish the metric that would allow you to see how good and idea was it. For TweetHunter’s partnership with Black Magic Tom has chosen the amount of clicks on the Call-to-action button within Black Magic and the amount of new sigh ups coming from the partnering app.

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