How Nira pivoted to a different product due to a customer interview

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Hiten Shah, co-founder of Nira, previously cofounder of Kissmetrics, was working for almost 2 years on an app that helped with document search.
The product was already in beta, and Hiten Shah and his team were running user interviews, talking to executives who were using the tool.
During one of the interviews, the exec opened the laptop and went pale: “Why do I see these people? Who do they still have access to my docs if they are not working here for ages?”
Product team quickly explained that he was seeing the current state of his documents and if he sees some people who the document is shared with then indeed, these people can still get this doc despite the fact that they don’t work for the company anymore. It was a shock for the exec. The next day, he told Hiten Shah that he’d been up all night using Nira to find people with access to his documents, then going into G Suite to remove them.
— This one conversation changed the course of our business, — explains the founder.
As a result of this one interview Nira was turned from the document search tool into the tool that helps companies track people who are not supposed to have access to some documents and block this access. Founders should use customer interviews later, when the product is up and running, to identify new opportunities and features customers would be happy about.

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