Case study - Charlie Ward, Ramen Club

Case study - Charlie Ward, Ramen Club

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Company Overview

  • An online-club for Indie Hackers
  • Online group work-sessions, 1-1 matching, and an active Slack group
  • Approximately 90 members
  • $48,000 yearly revenue


  1. Started in-person indie-hacker meetups in London:
  1. The folks there wanted to co-work
  1. The only time people were available were the weekends, so Weekend Club was born!
  1. They’d meet up at co-working spaces in London on the weekends to hack together on projects.
  1. Then COVID started — everyone had to stay at home.
  1. That’s when Weekend Club went online!
  1. Once they were online Charlie began recruiting from within the community to find hosts who wanted to run weekend-clubs in different timezones and even — gasp! — during the week.
  1. They realized they needed to re-brand to reflect the new nature of the company — introducing Ramen Club

How Charlie Ward built Weekend Club and scaled the community by helping his members take on leadership roles:

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How Charlie pivoted Weekend Club to become Ramen Club and why:

The story in Tweet-thread form:

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Meet the team 👋

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Ana Bibikova - @NotechAna
Ana is an Author, Marketing Strategist and a Mentor in the Founder Institute. Ana has 18y of experience in building businesses, growing them to $4M annual revenue.
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Anthony Castrio - @AnthonyCastrio
Anthony is a Software Engineer, Fractional CTO, and the founder of Indie Worldwide, a virtual incubator and social club for bootstrapped founders.