Case Study: Anthony Castrio built Indie Worldwide to 3,000 members in 3 years.

Growth of Indie Worldwide Over Time

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Indie Worldwide Fast-Stats

  • 2,000 member-slack, with 400+ weekly active users
  • 3 years old
  • $1,000 monthly revenue
  • ~30 product launches by members per week

How did Indie Worldwide get started and grow?

Anthony Castrio, Founder, Indie Worldwide
Anthony Castrio, Founder, Indie Worldwide
Indie Worldwide was started as a way for me to make friends. I’d been a digital nomad for about a year and it was getting lonely being a solo-founder constantly on the move. I first started in-person meetups wherever I met, including Medellín, Boston, and Mexico City, but it was tough leaving my friends behind every few months and starting over. I wanted a community that I could take with me.
Indie Hackers | Medellín in 2018
Indie Hackers | Medellín in 2018
At first we were just a monthly Zoom meetup advertised on Indie Hackers. Then we added a Facebook Group and later a Slack group. Today Slack is the center of our community and we’ve grown way beyond the monthly-meetup format.
The first pivotal moment for us was when I started a weekly 1-1 matching service called Founders’ Club within Indie Worldwide. Each week I send out an email introducing you to a founder making similar revenue I think you should meet.
At first it was free, but my members asked me to charge them!
That’s when I realized that Indie Worldwide could become a business in it’s own right.
The second pivotal moment was the launch of the 100 in 100 Challenge. The concept was simple: get 100 paying users in 100 days.
We launch on Product Hunt, Indie Hackers, and Twitter and it blew up. Over 600 founders signed up over the course of a couple weeks.
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Today I’m focused on operationalizing what’s been until now a very ad-hoc business. Doubling down on what’s been working and streamlining how I run things.
I see a path towards $5k MRR up to maybe $10k MRR by the end of the year directly through Indie Worldwide.

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Meet the team 👋

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Ana Bibikova - @NotechAna
Ana is an Author, Marketing Strategist and a Mentor in the Founder Institute. Ana has 18y of experience in building businesses, growing them to $4M annual revenue.
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Anthony Castrio - @AnthonyCastrio
Anthony is a Software Engineer, Fractional CTO, and the founder of Indie Worldwide, a virtual incubator and social club for bootstrapped founders.