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Arnaud Belinga and Breakcold: how customer interviews helped to shape the product in 2 weeks

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We built in 2 weeks. It was a barebone MVP — just the core function. Which was the AI-generated ice-breakers for cold ourtreach emails. We did not have even onboarding process. What we did — we shipped it and announced in Facebook groups.
I was about to write posts in about 20 Facebook groups that were focused on cold emailing. The plan was to announce that we were building this service and invite beta users promising then free access
The plan was never implemented.
After 2 posts in 2 first groups we had 260 sign ups. Then we manually onboarded beta users in batches, 40 at a time, to make sure we capture all their feedback and not drown in the flow of the information. I personally had Zoom conversations with everyone running a close resemblance to usability tests: watching what users were doing, asking what they expected, and identifying their jobs to be done.
It was a textbook product development — we offered a core feature, but otherwise went users-first in terms of service design and UX.

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