Day 1-3

Mar 31, 2022 08:59 PM
High priority

Improve your own account to make it more trustworthy. Do the following

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Nail the nature of your business and put the keywords in the headline
Nail the nature of your customers: their roles and how they identify themselves — and put these keywords in the headline or in the the About section in the first sentence.
Add background picture that contains social proof and the keywords that describe you and your product.
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Add contact info: 1. Your website link 2. Your Twitter account 3. Your email address
Re-write About section explaining your “Why” and your story — how did you come from zero to today. Good examples:
Fill in with as much details as you can your LAST position and the position before the last one. What are you doing as a founder of your startup, what problems does your startup solve. Put ahead the managerial skills and marketing skills that you are using to grow your business. Remember, you will be looking for business-partners, not an employer! Your partners would love to see that you are capable of growing your product, that your product is the right one to partner with — they won’t care about your tech stack or how proficient you are in Python.
Complete the Featured section adding the links to 1. Your startup website (it’s fine if you already dded it in the contacts section, add the link here as well) 2. Projects you’re proud of and you’ve been the part of (if any) 3. Link to your newsletter or mailing list (if any) Don’t overpopulate this section! 2-3 featured links would work fine.
Add links to your publications if you have any
Go over your skills and add the most relevant ones for a startup founder (marketing, sales, growth, product management etc.) and remove the less relevant for a founder (if you did plumbing gigs once in your career — now it’s time to remove these skills)
Ask your LinkedIn friends to endorse you for the skills you’ve just added

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