Day 11-25

Mar 31, 2022 08:59 PM
Medium priority

Interact with people you want to partner with on LinkedIn

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Comment under at least one of their posts a day
Like at least one of their posts a day
If these people are not very active on LinkedIn (don’t post their own content) write a post on your own and tag them. eg. — I’m a big fan of [product] built by [a person you’re tagging]. Can’t wait to see where this team will take it. — [person you’re tagging] says [recent saying] — do you agree with this? — I’ve done some research on [your market segment] and my findings 100% support what [person you’re tagging] was saying in their recent [blog post/podcast/book]. [The tagline from the resource] — this is so true.

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Meet the team 👋

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Ana Bibikova - @NotechAna
Ana is an Author, Marketing Strategist and a Mentor in the Founder Institute. Ana has 18y of experience in building businesses, growing them to $4M annual revenue.
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Anthony Castrio - @AnthonyCastrio
Anthony is a Software Engineer, Fractional CTO, and the founder of Indie Worldwide, a virtual incubator and social club for bootstrapped founders.