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Day 32-40

Mar 31, 2022 08:59 PM
High priority

Offer a partnership

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Craft personalised offer for every partner. Take into consideration:
  • Their background (what experience did they have)
  • Their interests (what they are passionate about)
  • Their goals (what are they aiming at right now)
  • Their resources (what they can contribute)
  • Your resources (what you can contribute – it should always be a fair play)
  • How your goals intersect their goals and how you both can get where you want to get together
Send your offers via emails (you will get them in the online call invitation) or LinkedIn DMs
Follow up in 2 days after each email has been sent. Enjoy your deal flow 😁

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Ana Bibikova - @NotechAna
Ana is an Author, Marketing Strategist and a Mentor in the Founder Institute. Ana has 18y of experience in building businesses, growing them to $4M annual revenue.
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Anthony Castrio - @AnthonyCastrio
Anthony is a Software Engineer, Fractional CTO, and the founder of Indie Worldwide, a virtual incubator and social club for bootstrapped founders.