Day 9-11

Mar 31, 2022 08:59 PM
Medium priority

First outreach

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Send a connection request to a meaningful person from the company you want to partner with (a founder, a CEO, a partnership manager, head of marketing). DON’T PITCH! The connection request should be personalised and offer only connection, nothing else. The connection request should include First name, offer to connect and a common denominator (a reason to connect) or endorsement.

Templates for the connection request

Template 1: Shared college Hi [First Name], I’ve noticed that you have attended the same college as I have. I’d love to connect with more people from [College name] on LinkedIn. Appreciate if you accept my offer.
Template 2: Shared industry
Hi [First Name], I’ve noticed that you’re building a product serving the same audience as we do. Would love to connect with more people on LinkedIn who serve [market segment] to exchange points of view and share insights.
Template 3. Shared personal interest
Hi [First Name], I’ve noticed that you have a keen interest in [shared interest]. As a matter of fact, I’m a huge fan too. Would love to connect with more people on LinkedIn who are passionate about [shared interest]. Appreciate if you accept my offer.
Template 4. Shared experience
Hi [First Name], I’ve read your recent post on [post topic] and I had the same experience with my company. However, there are some specific aspects I think I might share that will contribute to the conversation. Would love to connect.
Template 5. Endorsement
Hi [First Name], I’m a big fan of your [podcast/blog/newsletter]. Sorry that it’s not on air any longer. Would love to connect on LinkedIn to stay updated what new shows or ideas you might come up with.
Mark people who accepted your offer to connect on the database.

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